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The best indoor trainer deserves the best software. Introducing KICKR STUDIO. The ultimate group training experience for cyclists.

The KICKR Studio difference

Customized Group Workout
Resistance is controlled auto- matically to match each rider's target power output based on his or her individual FTP for the ultimate personalized group workout.
Individual rider metrics displayed on a class leaderboard for easy coaching and rider feedback.
Heavy, high inertia fly wheel mimics the feel of riding outdoors for a more realistic training experience.

The Perfect Workout

You design the workout or choose from a library of professionally built interval training workouts and Wahoo's proprietary control algorithms deliver a workout customized to each rider. KICKR Studio always delivers a workout at the proper intensity to match individual ability and training needs, maximizing time spent in the saddle.

KICKR, the standard in indoor training

Wahoo set the standard with the introduction of the KICKR power trainer. The KICKR and KICKR SNAP provide unsurpassed road feel, accurate power measurement and masochistic grade construction.

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Ride with friends

Make riding indoors just as social as your weekly group ride. Push yourself and your friends in a class environment while improving your cycling skills with focused interval training.

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