Peake Endurance and KICKR Studio come together to bring you the most connected smart trainer group workout on the market. Whether you're training for a cross-country trip or a sprint triathlon, Peake Endurance and KICKR Studio provides the most realistic, power-accurate, training experience.

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SUN, Feb 23

MON, Feb 24

TUE, Feb 25

Pop Up

5:30 PM Walt Gonzales

WED, Feb 26

Private Y Class

6:30 PM Walt Gonzales

THU, Feb 27

Pop Up

2:30 PM Walt Gonzales

Private Class A

5:00 PM Walt Gonzales

Private Class B

6:15 PM Walt Gonzales

FRI, Feb 28

SAT, Feb 29

Private Class

7:30 AM Walt Gonzales

SUN, Mar 1

MON, Mar 2

TUE, Mar 3

WED, Mar 4

THU, Mar 5

FRI, Mar 6

SAT, Mar 7


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1 Class.
5 Sessions
5 Classes.
10 Sessions
10 Classes.
20 Sessions
20 Classes.
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