Velo City Cycles and KICKR Studio come together to bring you the most connected smart trainer group workout on the market. Whether you're training for a cross-country trip or a sprint triathlon, Velo City Cycles and KICKR Studio provides the most realistic, power-accurate, training experience. With the Wahoo Fitness Kickr or Snap trainer we’ll be able to tailor the workout to your personal ability using power! Using power we are able to measure your immediate response to the work you’re doing and give you a higher quality workout. After finding your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) the trainer will automatically adjust resistance to the effort that you are targeting during that part of the workout. You’ll be able to see cadence, heart rate, percentage of FTP power, speed and distance. After the workout you’ll receive an e-mail with your results which will help us track your progress.

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4 Week Class
8 Classes.
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