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Ledesma Sports Medicine and KICKR Studio come together to bring you the most connected smart trainer group workout on the market. Whether you're training for a cross-country trip or a sprint triathlon, Ledesma Sports Medicine and KICKR Studio provides the most realistic, power-accurate, training experience.

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SUN, Jan 28

MON, Jan 29

TUE, Jan 30

WED, Jan 31

Tabata and Friends

6:15 PM Gabi Hauck

Class Full

THU, Feb 1

SS over and under

5:45 PM Gabi Hauck

FRI, Feb 2

SAT, Feb 3

SUN, Feb 4

MON, Feb 5

TUE, Feb 6

WED, Feb 7

Threshold ladders

6:15 PM Stephen Templeton

THU, Feb 8

FRI, Feb 9

SAT, Feb 10


Normal Cycling Class
1 Class.
FTP Test
1 Class.
Individual Session (non class format)
1 Class.
Weekend Ride
1 Class.
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